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Connecting the World while Privacy-preserving
Protocol for Private Data based on MPC, ZKP, 3P-TLS.
Verify your real-world private data without revealing your privacy details
About zkPass_
A privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification with Multi-Party
A privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification with Multi-Party
Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), and three-party Transport
Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), and three-party Transport
Layer Security(3P-TLS)
Layer Security(3P-TLS)
zkPass provides TransGate, which enables users to selectively and privately validate their data on any HTTPS website to the web3 world without the need to disclose or upload any sensitive personal data to third parties.
It can cover various data types such as legal identity, financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work experience, education and skill certifications, etc.
Overall Architecture
Ensure sensitive personal information is not revealed while verifying with various platforms and services.
Seamlessly integrations with both Web2 and Web3 platforms without APIs.
Guarantee private data's verifiability, authenticity, and validity by utilizing decentralized MPC nodes that verify a user's data integrity before generating a zero-knowledge proof (ZKP). As a result, it becomes impossible for anyone to manipulate or tamper with the data while generating zkSBT.
The decentralized network of MPC nodes securely divides the Session Key to verify the authenticity, integrity, and validity of the data, thereby preventing malicious activities such as identity theft and data tampering.
Data Diversity
Support various private data generation sources and verification scenarios, including legal identity, financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work experience, education and skill certifications, etc.
TransGate is a foundational product that incorporates three key technologies: MPC network, Interactive Zero-knowledge proof system, and 3P-TLS protocol.

The TransGate enables the seamless transfer of private data from the web2 realm to web2 or web3.
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zkPass Protocol
zkPass Protocol is a comprehensive, open-source private data verification protocol that incorporates a cutting-edge three-party TLS protocol, a sophisticated decentralized MPC network, and advanced Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof system to deliver a highly secure and privacy-focused solution for various digital platforms and applications.
MPC Network
A decentralized network of secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) nodes to effectively counteract data tampering during the verification process.
How it Works
The Prover combines with the MPC Nodes, assigned by the VRF function, acting as clients to access the Server.
Each Party receives a share of the mac_key to be verified in the end to prevent any attempts of data tampering by the prover.
The encryption key required to decrypt the plaintext data is exclusively held by the Prover throughout the entire authentication process.
The MPC nodes are unable to access or retain any data from the Server during the authentication process.
Unlink:Streamline website verification with a verification link or QR code. Enhance user experience and eliminate complexity.
SDK: Simplify integration with the Integration SDK. Leverage zkPass's privacy-preserving identity features in Web2 and Web3 projects.
API: Unlock zkPass's decentralized identity features with our user-friendly API. Drive innovation and build secure solutions in various industries.
Proof your
Legal Identity
Financial Data
Social Interactions
Educational Background
Healthcare Data
Legal Identity
Financial Data
Social Interactions
Educational Background
Healthcare Data
without disclosing any personal information details.
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See what decentralized identity solution can do for you. Discover how zkPass protects user data from data breach risks, anti Sybil Attack and securely accelerates access control
How it works?
MPC (Multi-Party Computation)
ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof)
TLS (Transport Layer Security)
zkPass integrates decentralized MPC Nodes into a 3-party Handshake process, improving the standard TLS protocol. This allows users to log in securely and generate ZKPs locally without API access or data source authorization.
Randomly selected task nodes supervise the 3-party handshake, obtaining a portion of the mac_key to ensure data integrity and authenticity, prevent scams and tampering, and maintain user privacy. The enc_key only remains with the user, so the nodes cannot access or gather any user data, providing additional privacy and security.
Users generate a Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) locally using the response from a TLS-based data source. They can then upload this ZKP on-chain as a unique soul-zkSBT or share it solely with a specified address, providing enhanced privacy options.
Use Case
For Provers
the individuals or businesses who need to proof their private data to the verifiers.
Selective Disclosing Your Identities
No Uploading Documents Required
No Sensitive Personal Details Revealing
Diverse identity across Web2 & Web3
Unlock More Eligible Opportunities
For Verifiers
the businesses or individuals who need to verify others’ private data.
One-click Onboarding
Secure Verification
Avoid the Risk of Data Leakage
Reduced Risk of Identity Fraud
Sybil Account Screening
Reduced Malicious Activities
User Friendly Experience
Stay Compliant Anywhere
For Developers
the technicians who provide technical support and promote the innovation and progress.
Contributor Program
Ecosystem Incentive Program
Run the MPC Nodes
Seamless Integration with zkPass
SDK Deployment
Seamlessly integrate zkPass into DeFi for efficient zkKYC, credit assessment, and asset verification. Reduce regulatory risk and optimize funding utilization.
Effortlessly onboard users and perform background checks with zkPass in Fintech. Simplify registration, securely verify identities, and ensure regulatory compliance.
Simplify user verification in games with zkPass. Streamline compliance with age restrictions and protect user privacy.
Empower healthcare organizations with zkPass's privacy-preserving identity solution. Enhance data privacy, security, and operational efficiency.
Revolutionize online marketplaces with zkPass for secure identity verification and trusted transactions. Boost trust, combat fraud, and enhance transaction security.
Securely verify academic backgrounds and control access with zkPass in education. Protect student data and ensure privacy compliance.
Enhance user privacy and security in social platforms with zkPass. Safeguard user identities, combat impersonation, and foster a trusted and secure social networking experience.
Implement zkPass in Web3 or Web2 applications for transparent governance. Enable anonymous voting, verify voter eligibility, and ensure trust in governance processes.
All industries